Current trends of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh.

With the presence of highly growing internet users and comparatively low-cost strategies, Digital Marketing in Bangladesh is adapting super-fast. An increasing number of businesses are now investing in digital media ranging from Facebook, Instagram to YouTube to other platforms. In recent times, online marketing has secured its place as the preferred marketing method because of its capability for more quality leads, increasing business revenue, enhancing business profitability and sustainability in the competitive market.


Internet users in Bangladesh:

The concept of digital marketing is pretty new in Bangladesh as it has come to attention since 2014. In 2014, there were about 37 million internet subscribers in Bangladesh. However, this number has been increased to 99 million in 2020, according to the report of BTRC. Through these 5 years, the users of Facebook in Bangladesh have been extended by 4 million. As social media users are increasing rapidly, Digital Marketing is also getting popular among businesses and services in Bangladesh.

The digital revolution has changed what consumers want and how they want, for instance, in digital media audience decides what ads they want to attend to including how and when. So, it necessarily is not the choice of brands whether marketing should stick to its traditional media or get adapted digitally. Businesses in Bangladesh, are not missing it, they have started to take advantage of online and social media marketing with quick adaptation.


Business responses to Internet marketing:

Bangladesh is the next IT outsourcing destination because of its low-cost service capability. Now, many big brands have started shifting their budgets to online, particularly through social media channels. Nevertheless, many businesses yet to realize the importance of online marketing as it is a growing concept in Bangladesh. In reality, countless well-known brands don’t have a website. The businesses that serve the domestic market, have limited online marketing efforts because of unfamiliar strategic implementation and inability to measure outcomes.

However, digital marketing tends to be an entirely different challenge since strategic approaches are required to succeed. Some businesses using social media as just another platform to display their ads through one-way communication, ignoring the purpose of being social. Showing ads to the wrong audiences also weakens the objective of being in social media, as you observe in many cases.


Benefits of online marketing:

The great advantage of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness over traditional media marketing. Traditionally, it takes months to get ads ready over huge investment, by the time the market tends to shift to a new trend. The new revolution of Digital marketing in Bangladesh overcomes this because as little as one person with few hours of effort can reach to a target audience immediately. Interactive multi-media has become the hub of social communication today.

Currently, about 36 million people are using Facebook in Bangladesh. Sharing a favorite ad or product review has been more manageable than ever. You can take a screenshot or copy the link with a little effort. With the networking media like Facebook, about 1000 people can be reached by spending as little as 5$. Social media is also super useful for building brand awareness and growing customers organically. Advertising or marketing was never more adaptable and affordable than this at any given time. As a result, you can observe social media marketing is spreading fast in Bangladesh.


Significance of Digital marketing in Bangladesh:

Digital marketing is a big niche under which a variety of jobs are creating for individuals. A variety of experts from the area of web designing, social media consultants, banding specialists, content creators, graphic designers come together to work towards creating impactful marketing ideas for the audience. As digital marketing in Bangladesh is budding, the demand for experts is escalating and generating more employment for the new generation. Some factors are playing a key role in making digital marketing so crucial in Bangladesh.

  1. Internet users are growing every day
  2. Businesses are being more interested to allocate funds for a digital marketing campaign.
  3. People are getting friendly and comfortable with search engines and online services.
  4. Users are being more communicative in social media.
  5. Smartphones are taking over phone service users.
  6. Availability of reduced price internet packages for Facebook.
  7. The Bangladesh government’s decision to boost Digital Bangladesh.

The significance of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh is quite vibrant, however, it needs more professionals in several fields since the opportunity is not limited to domestic businesses only. The strength of digital marketing takes geophysical barriers to disappears by connecting all potential consumers and businesses. In a country with a developing economy, digital marketing is expected to play a significant role in a marketing career. The progression of online marketing trends must reflect a substantial impact on the overall economy and marketing arena in Bangladesh.


How the digital marketing trend is evolving?

Before now, internet usage meant to be for wealthy and qualified educated people. Now the scenario is changing fast, as you can see. People with simple educational backgrounds are also using the internet as it has become relatively affordable. Thanks to the recent flow of video content for communicating and connecting people with little or no education at all.

Presently, many people don’t prefer to waste their time shopping in the crowd, especially young mothers in Bangladesh. Even though credit cards have not become available for the majority, yet mobile payments and cash on delivery have succeeded as a well-accepted method.

Here is a list of some prominent online-based businesses in 2020

  • Ajkerdeal.comOnline Shopping
  •, Electronics, Mobiles
  • Rokomari.comOnline Bookshop
  • Pickaboo.comMobiles and Electronics
  • Bagdoom.comFashion, Watches, Electronics
  • PriyoShop.comOnline Shop
  • Othoba.comPRAN Company’s e-commerce Website
  • Chaldal.comOnline Grocery Shop
  • Iferi.comHome Living Products
  • KhaasFood.comOnline Grocery Shop
  • and Electronics Online Shop
  • Online Shop for Brand Products
  • Sheba.xyzHome Service
  • Kiksha.comOnline Shop
  • Food Delivery Service
  • Shoparu.comBooks and Fashion
  • ShoppersBD.comFashion and Electronics Online Shop
  • Shopping Site for Electronics, Computers, Mobiles
  • Clickbd.comOnline Buy-sell
  • Bikroy.comOnline Buy-sell
  • Shadmart.comOnline Shop
  • Jadroo.comOnline Shop



Overall evaluations:

Yet, it’s a new concept in Bangladesh, online market places are earning trust, and spreading vast among the new generation. Though, many of them require improvements in strategic approach and customer services to increase acceptance from larger audiences in Bangladesh. Ensuring product quality, inventory management, timely service, easy return policy, independent reviews, and transparency would bring a better outcome.

The purpose of digital marketing is not only about placing ads. More importantly, it concerns the integration of online channels, branding, and building authority for businesses. Digital marketers should use digital components in an effective way to connect the target audience and brands.

The objective of Digital Bangladesh is to modernize customer experiences by implementing digitalization in every sphere of life. It aims to improve the standard of living with ease in the control and delivery of services throughout the country. Using digital media is particularly too convenient to overlook since it can save time and ignore distance. Now, Businesses in Bangladesh need to be upfront to build their authority in online before it gets too crowded. Digital marketing in Bangladesh is the gateway to take domestic brands to the global market.

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh, 2020

digital marekting in bangladesh 2020