Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing

facebook marketing service for business.

Facebook marketing is crucial since worldwide over 2 billion, and in Bangladesh, about 35 million people are on Facebook. And, you can almost guarantee that your target customer is waiting there to hear your convincing voice.

Most importantly, the Facebook Ad platform uses an extremely targeted system that can pinpoint the audience by their likes, age, and location, etc. Shouldn’t it be sufficient to resolve why you need to be using it for your business?

Moreover, Facebook is still the most cost-effective advertising channel despite its being hugely used by business today. We have figured the platform is incredibly beneficial for the majority of our clients for a variety of objectives from lead generation to brand awareness.

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is also becoming one of the best mediums for advertising your business. These two platforms can validly interact with each other simultaneously by sharing posts.


What can be done by Facebook marketing?

First of all, you can create a professional business page on Facebook and with the proper maintenance, you can achieve organic growth of your market for free.


Lead Generation

Facebook Leads Ads is one of the most efficient ways to generate leads. To simplify, lead generation is the process of gathering information about your potential customers who have little to big interest in your business.

Once you have collected leads, you may send them special offers or advertisements to acquire higher conversion results. You can do it efficiently through Facebook by optimizing your marketing campaigns.


In particular, Facebook Messenger has become an integral part of Social Networking. There are a variety of ways that you can use messenger for your business, from auto-responses to meet customer inquiry to sending interest-based videos to increase awareness of your business.

Besides, you can advertise in messenger with a precise target. Messenger, significantly, offers a very personalized approach to the consumers due to its conversational nature


Also, Facebook re-marketing is one of the most efficient solutions for your business growth. A prospective customer, who already has visited your website, is 70% more likely to convert and purchase. There are plenty of ways that you can handle re-marketing strategy using the Facebook platform, and Facebook offers a highly cost-effective advertising policy until today.

Audience Targeting

To target your audience, you may blend custom audiences and lookalike audiences on the Facebook platform. As the name suggests, a custom audience refers to the people who have engaged with your business by visiting your website, interacting with your Facebook post, submitting an inquiry, or purchasing your products.

Next, you can create your lookalike audiences from the behavioral data received from pre-existing Custom Audiences on Facebook. People who are lookalike your Custom Audience are more likely to be your potential customers.


What can we manage through our Facebook marketing service?

  • Creating, optimizing and managing Facebook page
  • Effective Ad Copy
  • Selective perfect imagery to build a lasting impression
  • A/B Testing/ We test Ad campaigns to make sure great results
  • Pixel Installation to track events
  • Budget optimization for maximum returns
  • Proper campaign setup
  • We report you campaign insight through analyzing

If you have a question, feel free to ask. Or, contact us to get a Facebook marketing Plan  for your business.

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