Small business marketing consultants projects

Small business marketing consultants: do they help?

Deciding wheather you need small business marketing consultants is crucial for your business. One major factor to consider is if you are struggling with your marketing plan. Is your business missing expected growth?


Most small businesses don’t necessarily expect to stay small forever. However, statistics show that 80% of small businesses are not capable of breaking the barriers because of some strategic errors. In many cases, the basic mistake recognized is the lack of a proper marketing plan.


A good marketing plan must optimize opportunities that exist around the business. Also, it should define the mission statement of your service to make you stand out. Figuring out what makes your service different and why customers should prefer you over your competitor is essential. Accordingly, your business needs to set some realistic goals and deadlines. And your marketing plan should support this goal.


Of course, you may have some business problems and struggles that you are trying to overcome. This is quite normal, but check if it is overwhelming your personal life. Researches expose that struggling too much with their business is another obstacle for small business owners.


It kills your energy and wears you out in the long run. Likewise, you lose focus on serving your customers better. About 69% of small business owners are struggling with this problem. If you have this issue, hiring a marketing consultant may be a real help to you and your business.


Next, Knowing your business competitors is crucial to keep your business growth stable. You need to analyze their marketing approach to understand your market better. Targeting the right customers and setting up the right strategy is essential.


If you don’t have it set, you probably are compromising revenues as well as your strategic business progression. Fixing these errors should help your business greatly. Professional reviews and analysis of existing marketing policy can detect and remove those pitfalls. Mostly, some small fixes may deliver a great result as we have seen it in many cases.


The online presence of your business is crucial for organic growth. Besides, our small business marketing consultants encourage word of mouth as it is a vital source of marketing. They also support integrating websites, social media engagement, and social media advertising. Let’s see some of the marketing projects through our consultancy.

kaam style ltd. apparel sourcing solution.

Website design, social media & e-mail marketing for international leads.

rajnandan building materials.

Website design, branding & total marketing project including social media


What we did

Rajnandan is a building material company that produces custom made building ornaments for new or existing constructions. To begin, our small business marketing consultants review Rajnandan’s functioning marketing strategy and set recommendations for immediate online adaptation as Rajnandan wishes to spread business nationwide.

So, initially, we consolidate Rajnandan with a Facebook business page to get more social engagement. We designed organic and paid campaigns for faster results. We have also built a website for Rajnandan to grow leads & store traffic.

red heart jewellery

Red Heart Jewellery requires to increase its sales volume as well as generating new leads. So, our marketing consultants advised two campaigns with promotion offers on Facebook & Instagram during the Ramadan. Both campaigns were responded by the audience significantly as an increasing number of young women are now on these two platforms.

Eventually, this campaign brought an additional 40% ROI and a notable amount of new leads for Red Heart Jewellery at that particular season.

social media ad campaign

MuscleBlust provides instrument support and fitness training services for people with different age ranges. They are interested to run a Youtube channel to increase awareness. Our marketing team has started to work on this new channel with video, editing, channel building, SEO & promoting supports.

video & marketing for muscle blust youtube channel

YouTube channel launching with all technical supports.


overcoming problems

The great challenge for Muscle Blust was to find its USP for YouTube channel promotion. After a round of discussion with Muscle Blust, our marketing advisors figured Muscle Blust is great at providing organic treatment for tissues & injuries that comes out of workouts. So, we focused on an engaging YouTube campaign on this particular point. As we see now, audience responses are great since no other institute in Bangladesh is offering the same value in the fitness training.

facebook business page management

Managing Facebook business page & pixel integration for different Brands & services.

Digital marketing project



From the Rajnandan awareness & lead generation campaign, we received a huge response through Facebook & YouTube. The is getting an increasing number of visitors every month as well. And finally, it produces a new 85% leads & 60% ROI compare to last year.

How is your business doing? Do you have a proper marketing plan? Are you struggling to make one? Are you having trouble converting your leads? Do you feel a marketing consultant may help you with that? If so, our proficient small business marketing consultants are ready to bring a necessary turn to your business for better growth.

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